The inventor of the CPT was an instructor in Special Intervention Teams of the Finnish Border Guard.


As a specialist, he worked with and tested a substantial range of firearms as well as vast amounts of ammunition, whenever a new weapons system was being considered. Throughout his career, considering both training and testing, has resulted in the loading of substantial volumes of magazines.


Understanding the need to have more efficient and an easier way of loading magazines, he began to develop ideas on how to find a solution.


In December of 2015,  the first prototype model of the CPT was made. Although it worked beautifully, it still lacked design and finish.


There were several prototypes and models made during the following six months, until we finally had in our hands the model we had envisioned in July  2016. After following five years we have had several development stages and the CPT is made better every time.


Because the CPT is so unique, the patenting process was quite quick. Now we have patents in USA, China, Europe etc.


After rigorous testing and development the CPT is ready for the market.
We have shown the CPT to numerous end-users around the world, including military and law enforcement units, as well as to the civilian markets.

Everyone is fascinated with the CPT and believes that the CPT will bring substantial advantages to its users.