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Report By Major General Pekka Toveri

Cartridge Package Tactical

The recent conflict in Ukraine has once again shown that firepower and sustained firing capability are critical in both repelling infantry attacks and launching them. With much of the fighting taking place in urban areas, ammunition consumption is further increased. Combat situations are often sudden and intense, resulting in a significant increase in the immediate consumption of cartridges.



A crucial component of combat readiness is an effective ammunition supply and the ability to quickly load new magazines. This phenomenon is not new. In the Battle of Fallujah in Iraq in 2004, for example, a US Marine patrol set out on a mission with a total of 22 rifle magazines per soldier, carried or in the vehicles. However, when the patrol engaged in a firefight, the ammunition was exhausted within two hours, and only a rapid delivery of pre-loaded magazines saved the situation.



The fact remains that most armed forces have only a limited number of magazines available. It is not cost-effective or practical to produce and store all ammunition directly in magazines. This significantly increases the cost of ammunition and creates significant challenges on the battlefield when the springs in magazines degrade over long-term storage, causing dangerous malfunctions in weapon performance.



CPT offers a cost-effective solution to this problem. It allows ammunition to be stored for extended periods and delivered to troops in a way that empty magazines can be filled quickly without interruptions to sustain firing capability. This solution is highly cost-effective. By purchasing factory loaded cartridges pre-packaged in CPT, readiness stocks can be maintained, and cartridges can be quickly and easily accessed to increase combat readiness. Additionally, troops will have CPT’s that they can refill on their own, allowing them to maintain a constant supply of usable cartridges.



CPT is also a product that has already demonstrated its effectiveness on the battlefields of Ukraine.